CleanRest Pro Encasements


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CleanRest Pro mattress encasements offer professional grade protection from stains, spills and other accidents that can permanently damage a clean fresh sleep surface.  Thanks to our MicroPlush top fabric surface with MicronOne technology, you get all the benefits of waterproof protection without the hot, sticky, sweaty, noisy feel associated with other waterproof fabrics, MicronOne fabrics breathe naturally like your very own skin!  And you can also sleep soundly knowing that our Zip-N-Click closure system will lock out bed bugs and prevent any issues related to long term infestation.  Allergy blocking, stain fighting, bed bug stopping are three great reasons to Protect Your Sleep with CleanRest Pro products today.

  •  Side wall’s stretch from 12″ to 21″ making installation and fit trouble free.
  •  Blocks Bed Bugs
  •  Blocks Allergens, dust mite waste, mold spore and pet dander
  •  100% Waterproof
  •  Fully Zippered with Zip-N-Click closure preventing bed bug migration
  •  Machine Washable