CleanRest Simple Encasements


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CleanRest® encasements protect your guests from harmful allergens, micro toxins, dust mites, and bed bugs and their fecal matter that build up over time in any mattress, box spring, and pillow. CleanRest® is the world’s most trusted and technically advanced sleep and bedding protection product line, featuring patented MicronOne® fabric technology.

CleanRest Simple Encasements are designed with a fixed sidewall depth of 12″

  • MicronOne® Allergy Blocking Technology
  • Blocks Allergens and Dust Mites
  • Blocks Bed Bugs
  • Fits sidewalls up to 12” deep
  • Fully Zippered Encasement with Zip-N-Click® Closure
  • Water Resistant
  • Medium Breathability
  • Machine Washable with Limited Durability