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“Room Cleaned & Sanitized” Adhesive Door Seals for Hotels, Motels and Dorm Rooms

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Room Cleaned & Sanitized Adhesive Door Seals for Hotels, Motels and Dorm Rooms
Tiered pricing is based on one single design.

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These adhesive breakable hotel door seals will give your guests an excellent visual that their room has been cleaned and sanitized, helping assure them that you are taking every precaution necessary to keep them as safe as possible.

The seals are perforated so that when the door is opened the seal will break, once again providing that assurance that your guests are the first ones entering their room.

Each member of your housekeeping or cleaning staff can keep a roll on their cart, or tear off how many they need for their shift. The labels easily peel off of the backing and can be applied in seconds as they exit the room.

These seals are printed on semi gloss paper with a removable adhesive. This adhesive is designed so that the sticker can be easily removed from the door and frame without damaging the surface or leaving any residue behind. We still recommend testing the seals on your surfaces.

  • Contact us for samples
  • Two standard sizes available (3″x8.5″ or 2″x4″) or you can order your own custom size
  • Many other applications: airline/train tray tables, rental car doors, etc.
  • No fee for art setup
  • Submit your own artwork or our design team can quickly design them to your specifications
  • Quick shipping
  • Made in USA

Quantity Discounts Available – Contact us for discounts over 20,000 pcs.
Tiered pricing is based on one single design. If ordering more than one design then please fill your cart and check out separately per design. Our site treats this as one item and if you’re ordering 3,000 pieces of 3 different designs for a total of 9,000 pieces the site will price it at the 9k price, even though it is 3 separate smaller print runs. We’re sorry for this inconvenience, but you can also contact as through this site, via email, or via phone and we can arrange payment that way as well.

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Room Tape Size

3" x 8.5", 2" x 4"