Hampton Inn & Suites Pack


All of our kitchen packs are fully customizable and made to order based on customer specifications.  While you can place an order on our website, given the nature of these kitchen packs (many SKUs, substitution options, add this, drop that, etc.) we do HIGHLY recommend contacting us for any kitchen pack orders to discuss your specific needs and determine the quickest way to fill your order.



Steel Paper Towel Holder 1
Can & Bottle Opener – Black Handle 1
Cutlery Tray – White 1
Basting Spoon – Black 1
Large Turner – Black 1
Kitchen Towel – Natural 1
Potholder – Natural 1
7 Piece Everware non-stick Cookware Set 1
9 Oz. Rocks Glass 4
9.75in. Dinner Plate 4
6 & 3/8in. Grapefruit Bowl 4
Teaspoon – Manhattan Pattern 4
Dinner Fork – Manhattan Pattern 4
Dinner Knife – Manhattan Pattern 4